New Waste and Recycling Collection Calendar for Kingswells

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Waste Less, Recycle More

New waste collection calendar begins from 6th March 2017. 


Mixed Recycling Collections

One of the key priorities in the Aberdeen City Waste Strategy is the introduction of mixed recycling collections.

Mixed, or co-mingled, recycling is when different types of materials for recycling are collected in the same container. They are taken to a Materials Recovery Facility (MRF) for sorting and are then sent on for re-processing.

We will be introducing mixed recycling collections for all households across Aberdeen over the next two years. Our priority will be areas which do not currently have a recycling service, or where the service needs to be improved. The new services will be rolled out gradually across the city. You will receive more information when the service is due to be introduced in your area.

Why we are changing to mixed recycling collections

The mixed recycling service will allow you to recycle a wider range of materials as part of your kerbside collection or in a recycling bin close to your home. We will be able to expand the range of materials we collect for recycling to include plastic containers and waxed food and drink cartons (tetra-paks) as well as the materials we currently collect through kerbside collections.

By introducing convenient recycling facilities across Aberdeen, we hope that more people will be encouraged to recycle. This will help us to increase our recycling rate in line with the targets set out in the Scottish Government Zero Waste Plan 2010 and the Aberdeen City Waste Strategy.

The simple act of recycling has enormous benefits:

  • It reduces landfill and the harmful gases which can damage our environment.
  • It means that the council spends less on landfill tax. 
  • It allows the materials to be turned into new resources.

How the new service will work

If you live somewhere with communal bins, a mixed recycling bin will be installed either next to the general waste bin, in the bin store, or somewhere else nearby. You will be able to use the mixed recycling bin to recycle paper and card, glass, plastics and metals.

If you currently have a kerbside recycling service, your black box and white bag will be replaced with a wheeled bin. You will be able to use your new wheeled bin to recycle paper and card, glass, plastics and metals. 

Please continue to use your existing recycling services until you receive information about the introduction of mixed recycling collections in your area. 

Find out more

Watch this video from Recycle Now about what happens to your mixed recycling after it's been collected.


Information from Aberdeen City Council website 04.02.2017

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