Dogs have been Banned at Village Hotel in Kingswells.

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Since it opened in December 2014 the distinctive black box that is the Village Urban Resort in Kingswells, Aberdeen has welcomed dog owners and their dogs into the hotel.  It was one of the attractions to the hotel.  

For resident of Kingswells it made for a pleasant walk up to the hotel with your dog.  Where you could have a hot drink or a snack, and then walk back home.   The dogs were always welcomed.  The staff would give the dogs water and dog biscuits. Our dog, Elvis who has been a regular to the hotel, since it opened and everyone else's dog is now banned.

The dog friendly policy has come to an abrupt end.

There is no polite sign or visible notification.  There is no message that has been sent out to tell patrons, that their dogs are no longer welcome; an example of poor customer service.


You need to trail up to the hotel and be told your dog is banned. Or spend time looking through their T&C which isn’t something you do if you’ve been a regular customer since the hotel opened.

Dog owners spend money that spend will go else where.  Please bring back the dog friendly policy in Aberdeen.



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