Please don’t talk to the LPM Grounds Maintenance team.

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A very polite request — albeit, it may seem an odd one.

Kingswells is a very friendly community. We all occasionally like to stop and chat. But what if that was happening to you while you are mid-way through cutting down a tree, or clearing thorny shrubs; and it happened several times a day? And the same question was being asked by everyone who stopped you?

Well, you might find it an odd request not to talk to someone, but on this occasion it’s to the villages detriment. Unfortunately, our desire to find out what is happening and when, means the team involved stop to talk to us, but this is repeated many times and is holding them up.

Working under the instruction of Stewart Milne Homes, the Life Property Management (lpm) have started working on a grounds maintenance programme until Feb 2016, to ensure that many over grown areas of landscaping owned by Stewart Milne Homes, are now going to be tidied up properly. 

The scope of works is flexible, to adapt to the vagaries of the weather, and will conclude in February 2016. 

The areas include Callum; Corse; Derberth and the Wellside area.


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