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Space for People - Active Travel Corridor.

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Linking the city centre with cycle lanes all the way out to Kingswells and Westhill,

Cyclists could soon be travelling in dedicated lanes all the way from Aberdeen city centre to Westhill.

The council has launched a week-long consultation on proposals for two-miles of temporary bike lanes between the Hazlehead roundabout in Queens Road and Rosemount Viaduct.

It would essentially link the city centre with cycle lanes all the way out to Kingswells and Westhill, as they would join existing infrastructure at Hazlehead.

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As NHS and Public Health Scotland battle COVID19, there is an immediate need for Aberdeen City Council, as the local Roads & Traffic Authority, to support physical distancing requirements which will enable people to move safely around the city. 

The patterns of pedestrian and cycle usage on many city routes have changed since the pandemic lockdown started, with a marked increase on popular leisure routes. It is expected that as residents return to work, these patterns will change again but they are unlikely to return to the pre-lockdown situation in the medium term.  The lockdown has enabled many people to reacquaint themselves with cycling on roads, with low levels of traffic helping to improve novice and returning cyclists’ confidence.  In line with Scottish Government advice, this uptake in cycling provides an opportunity to encourage those when they begin commuting again to opt for bike over a car, in order that the transport network can operate more effectively.  Combined with a likely heavy reduction in bus service capacity, cycling as a mode of commuting is anticipated to increase. Many of the traffic corridors will see significant additional pressures and conflicts.

 Aberdeen City Council was awarded a ringfenced £1.76 million grant on 26 May from the Scottish Government’s Spaces for People fund to carry out temporary works on our streets to help provide space to physically distance in line with government guidance.  

The grant will pay for a roll out of temporary measures to allow people to walk, cycle, and queue for buses and shopping while adhering to the physically distancing guidance. Measures taking place include pedestrianisation, pavement widening and temporary bike lanes.  

 A number of the projects within the Public Road response are aimed to rapidly expand and connect cycling infrastructure across the city to create an improved cycle network.  The Hazlehead active travel corridor (City Centre to Hazlehead) is one of those currently being developed.  This route connects to existing active travel infrastructure to allow onward travel to Kingswells, including the Park & Ride and Westhill.

Mandatory Lane Approach

Due to the requirement to install the network quickly as lockdown restrictions are eased and people return to work, there are limited levels of physical alterations to the road.  Long lengths of kerb realignment are not feasible in the timescales, and instead the installation of advisory and mandatory cycle lanes can be achieved on the existing road.  

Typical Cross Section


 City wide there has been a marked increase in cycling, including young and novice cyclists.  In order that these works cater for the active travel demand, the cycle lanes will be placed beside the current pavement taking space from the road to allow creation of the cycle lanes and widening of current advisory lanes where possible.  This arrangement is commonly referred to as with-flow cycle lanes and would be defined from the general carriageway using signs and road markings.

The preferred option along the length of the route is to provide mandatory cycle lanes, however where carriageway space does not permit, advisory lanes will be provided.  

Please refer to the Related Documents section at the bottom of the page to view drawings showing the proposals.

Feedback from the public will be taken into consideration to help shape these plans so we invite comments on the proposals.


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