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Kingswells Area
A total number of 83 development bids were received from developers and landowners to have sites included in the Main Issues Report.
The Key Map on the Aberdeen City Council website shows the development options received, with the whole of Aberdeen City as an A3 base map. The development options are published on there page, ordered by Electoral Ward (1 to 13, listed below). There is an A3 map for each Ward showing the development options received in that area, but only KIngswells has been highlited in the list below. Each site is labelled with a reference number (for example "B0910"). Use that number to find the relevant development option submission listed below the map for each ward.

Many of the .pdfs are of a large file size and will take some time to open. If you have any difficulties please contact the Development Plan Team, whose details are at the bottom of this page.

Ward 3 Map - Kingswells/Sheddocksley
B0301 - Land at Maidencraig
B0302 - Westfields, Woodend Hospital
B0303 - Kingswells Community Expansion
B0305 - Kingswells East
B0306 - Newton East
B0307 - Woodend Hospital West
B0308 - Prime Four North, Kingswells
B0309 - Phase 4 Prime Four, Kingswells
B0310 - Phase 5 Prime Four, Kingswells
B0311 - Maidencraig, Lang Stracht

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