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The woman behind KINGSWELLS.COM

I’ve lived in Kingswells with my family since 1998. I think it is a great place to live and work.  When we first moved here, Kingswells was half the size it is now, yet it has still retained its charm. It’s wonderful to see the great new local amenities at Prime Four right on our doorstep.  

However, long before all these new amenities arrived, I started Kingswells.com to provide a central information and news resource for all things Kingswells, from baby care to our local MPs.  I've been supported by two other member's of the community who keep the website functioning.

As with many websites there comes a time when a refresh is required. It seems more poeple access websites and social media via a mobile phones and tablets, than a desk top PC.  It's time for Kingswells.com to catch-up. 

In January 2015, I started to refresh the design of the website, so it can be accessed from your mobile devises. I hope you like the results and use the website to promote your events, business and other relevant Kingswells based activities.  Feel free to email me at: news@Kingswells.com 

Kingswells is also on Facebook, which at the time of writing this mini bio, had over 800 followers, which is just brilliant for such a small community. Please feel free to use Facebook to also updated the site, and provide constructive feed-back on what you like and don’t like so I can tweak the site as it grows. Thank you for your support.

Claire Burt

(February 2015)

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This website is run for the fun of it, for the community, by people from the community, as a social enterprise.  It's about the area and community of Kingswells. We do not have any political axe to grind, just the desire to keep a happy community spirit, by passing on all those little nuggets of information, contacts and news stories, that make life that little bit easier for those living and working in and around Kingswells.

Which ever is your preferred method of communiction, we want to hear from you.  So, please feel free to email, Facebook, Twitter or even post a conventional letter to us at:

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We look forward to hearing from you.

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